Industrial Assembly Works

Comprehensive services for the automotive and engineering industries

We provide the integration of production systems. We offer our clients comprehensive engineering services, which range from the installation of pneumatic grippers, assembly of pneumatic components in automotive – pneumatic and electric pneumatic to the construction of complete manufacturing assembly lines.

Electro pneumatic equipment

  • Installation of pneumatic components (6-12bar)
  • Assembly of grippers and its modules
  • Assembly of electro-pneumatic components

Dismantling and relocation services

  • Dismantling of machinery and factory relocations
  • Transportation and re-assembly of production lines and equipment
  • Handling of industrial equipment and re-location of frame constructions

Construction of assembly lines and equipment

Construction and re-location of old assembly lines. Production and modification of tailor – made constructions.

  • Assembly of automobile lines and standpoints for robotic assembly line
  • Installation of assembly line robots, electronic equipment and components
  • Construction and installation of high-rise racks, automated warehouses and logistics systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Qualified welding and locksmith work
  • Various mechanical modifications