Electro pneumatic assembly

From the installation of greifer, robotized and electro pneumatic elements to the construction of complete lines.


We are a young company, but we have been gathering experiences in the world of technology as individuals for years

Engineering production and assembly

Production, supply and assembly of steel structures for an automobile and building industry.


Apart from the supplies to Slovak customers, the company exports its products to many countries of the EU.

About Lantel Ltd. Company


‘The company was established in 2017 and its main subject is engineering production. Our priority is to deliver exceptional service to our partners, therefore we can guarantee you maximum flexibility, considering always changing requirements and requests of our customers. We export most of our products to the countries all over the world.’


Our company operates across the EU and surrounding countries.



100% flexible solutions, we are able to meet any client’s need.


Problem solving

Thanks to more than 10 years’ experience, there is nothing we cannot solve.

Client service

Customer service is always the priority for us.

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