Mechanical production and assembly

Priorities of the Company

The main subject of the company is  the assembly of devices and steel structures for an automobile and building industry.

Our employees have a lot of experience with assembling here in Slovakia as well as across the Europe.

We only use high-quality professional tools when assembling.

Our company, together with our suppliers, provides full implementation.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers in every field.

Main Activities

  • Steel structures for an automobile and building industry
  • Custom steel structures
  • Assembly and disassembly of technical equipments (crane tracks, welding machines, presses, varnishing machine, conveying techniques, rack stackers, etc.)
  • Transfers of technical equipments together with transport
  • Maintenance of technical equipments and professional services
  • Production, transport and assembly

Secondary Activities

  • Production of safety fences and fences from steel materials
  • Work desks, tables, shelving units, carts
  • Surface treatment of steel structures ( varnishing, sanding, blasting)
  • Sheet metal processing, punching, cutting, bending, welding
  • Various products according to customers’ requirements


In cooperation with our partners, we can arrange:

  • Distribution of burnouts, thermal processing and annealing, machining of products on CNC machine tools, welding of complex parts and units, galvanizing hot-dip and galvanic.

In further cooperation, we offer:

  • Cutting of sheet metal and production of accurate shaped components by CNC flame and plasma cutting machines
  • Coating, bending and production of accurate products on CNC press brake. With a wide range of working tools, we can meet diverse needs of our customers.
  • Blasting the surface of burners, sheets and various products on an automatic continuous blasting device and in a SA2.5 drum blasting machine
  • Chamfering – making chamfers for the width of the chamfer up to 15mm by chip machining from 30 st. up to 45 st. and for chamfers above 15mm semiautomatic flame cutting machine with arbitrarily adjustable rotating cutting head
  • Welding of simple parts and products
  • Sawing of profile material on a band saw
  • Drilling on a rack drill


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